Before Installing WordPress

Before You Decide to Install WordPress

Before switching to WordPress Content Management System (CMS) you may want to first do or consider the following. Whether you are going to change your website, change your web hosting company, or make any decision, take a breather and sign up for a WordPress free account. From there, you can:

  • access their help forums
  • create a website on their domain (
  • experiment with the CMS
  • experiment with different WordPress themes and plugins

While you do not need an account to download WordPress or browse their forums, you will find it a very handy resource, especially if you do have questions or comments to ask or share with its community of supporters and builders of the powerful CMS.

Experimenting with WordPress

It’s okay to make up a non-company name for an experimental WordPress blog to get comfortable driving around the world wide web’s information superhighway in a disposable vehicle before branding something to your name. For example – L5 Experiment. 😉

However, you will need to register for an account first, and having the account in your name still makes you accountable for the content of the website, experimental or not – so play nice please. Also, it would prudent to either block all users or at least all search engine robots from seeing your ongoing experiment.

When You’re Ready for Your Own WordPress Website

When you’re done with your experimental blog or website on WordPress and you’re ready for your own custom WP website and theme, be sure to investigate your perspective web host first. Be sure that you choose a web host that is already set up for easy WordPress installation. Yes, L5DG is proud to say that we have truly user-friendly CMS web hosting with one-click simple installation; but don’t fret, if you need help L5DG is there to assist with your WordPress installation if needed.

Safe surfing!

DSKnights | WordPress Professionals