Getting Internet Bound begins with some basics: domain (URL) name where people will find your website; web hosting where your website files, content, etc. will reside; website design to get an efficient, economical, easy to self-maintain where possible; website content if needed or applicable; and, website marketing for a boost above the rest.


Marketing Analysis

At the beginning of your project, we will give you a “Concept Questionnaire” that will help us understand the colors and designs you prefer for your new web site. Your accounts manager will work with you and your staff to answer some basic questions that we will need to know to familiarize our staff with your business and your industry. No two site are ever the same, even if we worked in your industry for years. This is the most important part of the Design and Development process.

Since we will be using this information to build your new site, be as specific as possible, ask as many questions and give as much input as you can to make sure you are fully aware of what it is your are asking for , at the end that is what you will be provided with.  Once you have received your discovery documents you then can have a better idea of what the project will require both in time and cost.

The discovery process is a stand alone process. It is provided to you as a service, if you already have a discovery document done by another firm, we are happy to look that over and review it with you. Once the discovery process is finished you have your discovery documents, proposal, and project planning documents. This will include our recommendations of how you need to proceed with the project, estimated cost (both money and resources) we can discuss the documents you have and revise the plan if something does not meet your requirements. Once everything is finalized we move on to the next stage.

§ Discovery is not a process that can be skipped, if you are asking for a web development project to be completed and you are not willing to do a discovery on the project the likely results will be a web site that is triple or even four times the necessary resources.

Web Design & Development


 Concept & Content

So you need a website developed? The first question you might have is how to get that done, what will I have to do? Let's take a few moments to let you know what you are getting yourself or your company into.

To build a professional website is not something you can hire out to do. Yes I said you can not hire someone to do it for you. Then how is it this firm even exists? DSKnights specializes in "WordPress Development & Web Marketing"

Translation: Building you a web site and helping you market it so that people come to it and convert into customers.

But no one can build you an effective online business without your input, no one knows your business and your target demographic like you do. that said you might not know who your target demographic is, that is where we come into play. We are the industry experts on how this process is done,  you are the expert on running your business. Together we can plan, design, & develop an effective online business with you to meet your desired goals and help your company grow.

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