Website Startup Confusion Clarity

Frustration to Fruition

Let’s face it, getting frustrated – and lost – in the geek jargon of starting a website is easy, even if you consider yourself tech savvy, computer comfortable, or even otherwise patient and knowledgeable! No one likes an ambiguous answer, or a question to a question, but quite frankly when you’re looking to make an online presence or website start-up, trouble-shooting (Q &A) is the best starting point; think of it like an old “if then, go to” flow chart. A little homework and patience on your part will save lots of confusion and costs in the long run, bringing your project to fruition with less frustration.

The BLUF (bottom line up front) is that it is not as bad as you or others may make it out to seem. It’ll greatly depend on your needs, of course, but it’s our goal at InternetBound to make getting on the web an easier process, more self-efficient for better long-term savings, and more economical from start to finish by being upfront about any and all expenses, while maintaining our commitment to the quality behind every service we provide.

Website Start-Up Basics

Getting Internet Bound begins with some basics: domain (URL) name where people will find your website; web hosting where your website files, content, etc. will reside; website design to get an efficient, economical, easy to self-maintain where possible; website content if needed or applicable; and, website marketing for a boost above the rest.


If you already have a domain name ( that is brand, content, geographic, product or otherwise specific, awesome! If not, before going out and buying the first name that comes to mind, please give some serious consideration to the importance of selecting a useful domain that can directly affect your ability to effectively rank in search engines.

Bundling services can be great, but buyer beware; don’t get what you don’t need. If you’re running  a movie review blog, you probably don’t need a certified domain. Unless you get lucky and snatch up a rare domain name or it’s going to be your company, brand, or product name, there may not be need to buy up every possible extension (.biz, .org, .tv, etc)

Finally, pay attention to your domain name registration costs. It may be free or reduced if you buy other products or services, but the cost or need of those services may not be necessary; further, the subsequent year registration cost may be double fair market value.

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Web Hosting

There’s nearly as many web hosting options as there are fast food choices downtown; wow! The same principles apply here basically: don’t get what you don’t need. If you’ll be selling online or transacting information, yes you’ll want a dedicated IP with SSL. If you’re not and don’t know what that is, good; ignore it and move on. Choose a company with economical packages that allow you to scale up as needed, then you can go as small (cheaply) as possible so as not to spend unnecessarily, and you can migrate to larger web hosting package as your site files, content, traffic, etc. demand and not before.

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Website Design

A website domain will run you about $10 a year and if you buy multiple years in advance, you can get economical web hosting for about $30 per year. Website design can be where the fear and expenses begin to build, but there’s no need for either to be a stumbling block at this point. Undoubtedly this expense can be great depending on your end needs; but, poor planning in the web development and design of even an otherwise economically feasible website can become just as expensive. Make sure your website developer is asking questions, you’re asking questions, and that everyone is playing from the same sheet of rules so to speak. A well designed content management system (CMS) website is an easy, efficient and economically powerful way to get Internet Bound and you don’t have to sacrifice website design, quality or uniqueness to get there!

The BLUF here is that if your web hosting should be upgradeable without hassle, then the same should be true for a well designed website. That initial, and oft continual, Q&A regarding the architecture of your website development is crucial. You want your house to be able to have added on rooms, wings, floors, etc. as necessary without complete remodeling each time. You want to be able to add photos, articles, files, etc. without going a third, billable party each time you want or need something done. You want it easy, efficient, and economical – you will be in control with Internet Bound!

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Website Content & Website Marketing

Depending on your comfort-zone, skills, needs, budget, etc., website content is something that you can do at little or no cost to yourself. Let’s be honest, who better to write the “About XYZ” company page than someone from the company. I don’t want to oversimplify it or cause a mutiny, so there are a few things to point out, maybe. First, you may not be, nor do you need to be for that matter, Mark Twain; writing for the web need not be an overly wrought task, but it does have a few hints to hit and dints to avoid, if you will. So, an editor or an outright web content writer can be handy, depending on your needs. Second, it is relevant website content that will bring visitors to your website. Yes, good aesthetics, user-interface, and other wow factors help, but that is not what the search engines are crawling on your website; they’re reading your website content to deliver it to Internet information seekers who’s queries match your website content. Easy enough, huh? Well, one could hope; but there’s a lot of competition out there, and sometimes you need an extra boost.

Internet Bound provides as-needed services; we know one size doesn’t fit all. Along with editing your already written website content, consulting on website writing, or providing website content for your site, it all falls within the realm of Website Marketing. While Website Marketing certainly contains a plethora of other possible tools at your disposal, your first, longest lasting and most economical tool is well-written, and optimized website content. Even if you only have an online catalog that sales fishing lures, the website content can play a huge role in bringing in search engine traffic.

Website Marketing encompasses many aspects of getting your website not just Internet Bound, but also Internet found! Website content writing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing campaigns, pay-per click (PPC) campaigns, article submission services and many other tools are available as needed for website projects at any stage.

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Be Found with Internet Bound

Getting found online doesn’t have to be frustrating. Let’s work together and you’ll see the difference between working alone, being frustrated and spending too much money on nothing and bringing your project to fruition the Internet Bound way: Easy, Efficient and Economical!


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