How to get my business online?

How do I get my business online, what does it take to build a web site? I am ask these types of questions a bunch in my profession, so let me answer them here. You are a business owner and you need to get your business online, after all now a days if you don’t have a…

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Varsity Foundation Sports Bash 2017

We are proud to work with local companies. The Varsity Foundation is a local non-profit in Zanesville, Ohio. The Varsity Foundation is putting on a Sports Bash and they needed a web site for the foundation, so they gave us a call and we got them all set up. For the Varsity Foundation they needed…

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Web Hosting One-Click Installs

Web Hosting with L5DG One Click Installs When you purchase web hosting from L5DG you are truly getting the best bang for your Internet buck! We offer several of the Internet’s most popular applications as one-click installation processes making almost anyone an overnight Internet webmaster. You do not need the expertise of a seasoned webmaster…

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Tea Party Web Hosting

Internet democracy also mean Internet capitalism and L5DG brings both to the web with web hosting that is above the standard with prices that are below the competition.

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