How Do You Stand Out In An Ocean Full Of Rain Drops?

How do,  You stand out in an ocean full of rain drops? Needs, leads, and profits. This has always been the way you help businesses to become successful, those remain the same, the only thing has changed is the tools we use to deliver the success. Many of you have been in business longer than…

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Words Commonly Confused

Using a word out of context or one of a different definition or connotation can be a costly mistake; commonly confusing words misused can miss the mark in your writing.

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Avoiding Plagiarism

Don’t get caught stealing; cite those sources. Many web writers unnecessarily avoid giving credit where credit is due. Avoid plagiarism and increase credibility through citing sources and relevant outbound links.

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Writing for an Internet Audience

Tips in Writing for the Internet Audience If you are writing for an Internet audience, your work has to be informative as well as interesting. You should always remember that the Internet is full of ideas and information but a lot of them are trash or inaccurate. If your target audience finds your work to…

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